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Vernetta Eichinger


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and relocated to WA State in 1995. I come from a very large family, 17 Siblings to be exact! I'm one of the younger siblings of the "17" so that meant I got second hand clothing, also known as Hand me downs. In that era we weren't as concerned with our clothing and shoes as much as the younger children today. I see countless commercials and Ads advertising the latest fashion and not at a fashionably reasonable price. So that prompted me to give nice clothing and shoes to children that could not otherwise afford them.

I also have owned a Pre-K and childcare business for over 15+ years in Seattle, WA as well as here in Federal Way, WA. I had to shut down due to Covid-19. They were both on sliding scales to accommodate the families who were on a budget, but still in need of great care for their little ones.

As you can see, I was meant for this sort of work. Children are the future, Let's take good care of them!

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